With the Holidays Over, Here’s What You Can Do with Your Fresh Wreath

We are passed the holidays for another year, and you may be wondering what to do with the fresh Christmas wreath that you got from Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms. Sure, you can just toss it into the garbage and dispose of it that way, but there are other things you can do with your wreath that are more productive or helpful to the environment. In today’s post, Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms offers some suggestions for what you can do with your wreath now that the holidays are over.

Call Your Local Recycling Center

It’s possible that your local recycling center may take your wreaths, so you should call them and check before taking them in. Before you take them, be sure to remove any decorations you have added, like garland, ornaments, berries, lights, or any others. Please note that you should not put the wreath in a bag before taking it to the recycling center. In the event that you have painted or sprayed the wreath, you should just throw it away, as it cannot be recycled.

Repurpose the Wreath for Craft Projects

The greens on your wreath can be used in nearly endless ways for craft projects. Youth groups at churches, schools, or organizations like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can use them for making new outdoor decorations, potpourri, or any other project you can think of. There is also wire in the wreaths that can be repurposed as ornament hangers, papier-mâché projects, or many other projects.

Wreaths are Great for Mulch or Compost

Because they are made almost entirely of organic material, Christmas wreaths are great for mulching if you shred the needles and branches. You can also strip the needles from the branches and then spread them over a muddy garden path. While some people think the needles may add a lot of acid to the soil, their acidity decreases when stripped from the wreath, so there should not be any adverse effects on the pH level of the soil.

We at Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms had another successful holiday season, and for that we thank our extensive customer base. We hope your family enjoyed your wreath and that it added to their enjoyment of the holiday season. We are already working towards a great 2023 Christmas season, so you can rest assured that when it’s time to get your fresh Christmas wreath for your home or corporate Christmas gifts, we will be ready to provide you with a great wreath that will enhance the holiday spirit in your home or office.

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