What to do with Your Fresh Wreath After Christmas

Now that the holidays are coming to a close, you may be wondering what to do with your fresh Christmas wreath. While many people will just toss the wreath out with all of the used wrapping paper and bows, you can actually repurpose your wreath after Christmas for a variety of purposes. Read further for more information about what you can do to use your fresh Christmas wreath even after the holiday season is over.

Take it to a Recycling Center

Your local recycling center may take your wreaths. It’s important to call the center ahead of time to make sure that they do take used wreaths. You will also want to remove all of the decorations like lights, ornaments, garland, pinecones, berries, or any others. You should also note that you should not put the wreath in a bag, and wreaths that have been painted or sprayed should be just thrown away.

Reuse the Wreath for New Décor

Wreaths are great for craft projects, especially for school or church groups, or other groups like Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Not only can you use the branches for new types of outdoor décor, but you could also use some of the sprigs to make potpourri. You can also repurpose to wiring in the wreaths for all sorts of different projects like papier-mâché, hangers for bird feeders, or other things.

Use it for Mulch or Compost

If you have a garden or you have thought about starting one, your Christmas wreath can come in handy for the purposes of mulching. You can shred the needles and branches to make mulch. Another idea is to strip all the needles and sprinkle them over muddy paths in the garden. Some people worry about the needles adding too much acid to the soil, but once the needles have been stripped from the wreath, their acidity is minimal and should not adversely affect the pH of the soil.

Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms would like to thank all of your support during another successful holiday season. We hope your fresh Christmas wreath added to your family’s enjoyment of the season. As you can see above, your fresh Christmas wreath can still be of use even after Santa’s trip is finished. Have a Happy New Year and be sure to come back next fall to get a great fresh Christmas wreath as a decoration for your home or as the perfect corporate gift for your employees or clients.