We Make Christmas Décor from Various Species of Trees

At Christmas Farms, we make quality homemade wreaths, garland, and greens made from a variety of different species of evergreen trees. Whether you want the classic Christmas wreath on the front door, some garland to decorate fences on your property, some fresh greens for a holiday centerpiece, or any other holiday décor, we have varieties in various styles made from beautiful, fresh evergreen trees right on our farm in southwest Michigan. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the products we make from these different types of tree branches.

Quality Handmade Wreaths

At Christmas Farms, we specialize in beautiful, fresh, handmade wreaths in a wide range of colors with various decorative items adorning them. We make these wreaths with types of firs, cedar, boxwood, and more, allowing you to select the perfect decoration to complement your holiday décor. The Christmas wreath is an iconic decoration that acts as an invitation for family and friends to join the holiday celebration. Let Christmas Farms provide you with a fresh wreath the while family will admire.

Garlands to Add a Unique Touch of Green

Christmas Farms offer several styles of fresh garland by the foot that will add a great touch of green to your home interior or exterior. Perfect for fencing, railings, mantles, bannisters, and more, this garland will also enhance the ambience of your home with that fresh evergreen smell that you won’t get from the plastic décor the big box stores sell.

Fresh Greens to Fuel Your Creativity

If you have a creative or unique project in mind, Christmas Farms can provide you with fresh cut greens. These greens can be used in bouquets, potpourri, or any number of Christmas-themed art projects to add to the fun and spectacle of the season. Take a moment to look at our product selection to see what we have to offer.

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