Time to Order Fresh Christmas Wreaths for the 2023 Holiday Season

School is in session, the leaves are starting to change, and stores will be playing your favorite Christmas carols in a few short weeks…just in time for Halloween. But seriously, with everything you have going on in your busy schedule, it’s not too early to start ordering fresh Christmas wreaths from Christmas Farms for the coming holiday season. Whether you want a wreath and garland to decorate your own home, or you are looking to enhance someone else’s holiday spirit with a unique gift, Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms has a fantastic selection of fresh, handmade wreaths that we can ship to any home or business within the continental United States. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the Christmas wreaths, garlands, and swags we offer.

Fresh Wreaths Made From Different Species of Evergreen Trees

Normally, when you’re shopping for Christmas wreaths, the selection available is very limited. On top of that, most commercially available Christmas wreaths are mass-produced plastic wreaths. There’s nothing really wrong with that, but those wreaths simply cannot compare to the fresh, handmade wreaths you can get delivered right to your home from Christmas Farms. Each unique wreath is made using fresh branches from one of many species of evergreen trees on our property. From Boxwood and Cedar to different Firs, like Fraser and Balsam, and others, we have a selection unlike anything offered by the big box stores. You also get the added ambience of that fresh evergreen smell which will trigger Christmas memories from long ago.

Fresh Swags and Garland for an Added Touch

In addition to the great looking wreaths we offer, we can also provide you with handmade garlands and swag to complement your wreath for added ambience and holiday spirit. Available by the foot with a minimum 12 foot length, our garlands are perfect for decorating fencelines, stairway banisters, fireplace mantles, or just about anywhere you could imagine with cedar, boxwood, and other species. Our beautiful swags look great on lampposts, newel posts, or other places in your home where you need an accent to complete your Christmas décor. Theses items can be purchased separately or along with one of our wreaths, and we will ship them for you anywhere in the continental United States.

Whether you have corporate Christmas gifts to consider or just want a beautiful wreath for your home, Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms are ready to help you enjoy the season. Take a look at our available products and contact us for more information.

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