It’s Time to Order Your Fresh Christmas Wreath

Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms is ready for another magical Christmas season, and we want to help you get ready, as well. With a full selection of beautiful wreaths made from different species of trees, giving you the ability to find the perfect wreath that matches the look of your home or the existing Christmas decorations you already have. We can ship your fresh Christmas wreath anywhere in the continental United States. Read further about the ways in which we can help enhance the Christmas spirit in your home or business.

Many Species of Wreaths to Choose From

Some people take wreaths for granted, but the species of tree used to make them can greatly affect the look and smell of the wreath. At Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms, we offer wreaths made from a number of different trees, offering various shades of green and different accents, so you can choose a wreath that is either traditional or plain, or you can choose a more elaborate and unique options. The species and options of wreaths we offer include.

  • Balsam Fir –Balsam cuttings with Red Berries
  • Four Firs – Fraser, Douglas, Balsam, and Concolor fir cuttings with Pinecones and Berries
  • Fraser Fir – Fraser fir cuttings with red berries
  • Boxwood Pomegranate – a Boxwood wreath with colorful Pomegranates
  • Mackinaw – a combination of Winterberry, Yellow Cedar, and Blueberry Juniper on a Boxwood background
  • Kringle – a combination of fragrant Firs and red Melon Balls
  • Christmas Classic – Firs mixed with Boxwood and Winterberry
  • Pomegranate – traditional Fir wreath with Pomegranates
  • Legend – Boxwood, Pine, and Winterberry cuttings
  • Holiday Masterpiece – Deep green Fir with Red Berries and Pinecones
  • Concolor Fir – Concolor cuttings with Red Berries and Pinecones
  • Charleston – Cedar, Boxwood, and Red Berries
  • Fraser Winterberry – Fraser fir cuttings with Winterberry
  • Brentwood – Deep green Fir with Red and Gold Faux Berries

You can view the selection of our wreaths for yourself (note: not all styles may be available). You can also look through our selection of Fresh Greens and Garland, if you are interested in those, as well.

Christmas Wreaths Make Great Gifts

Whether you are looking for a gift for that family member who is difficult to shop for, or you need a great idea for a corporate gift, our wreaths are a great solution. The recipient is sure to love the beautiful gift, which can be easily shipped to any home or business throughout the continental United States. The only problem is time, which is starting to run short, so be sure to place your order soon for delivery by Christmas.

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