Halfway to Fresh Christmas Wreath Season

Most people don’t like to think about the holidays when the temps outside are in the 80s and 90s, but we are now more than halfway to Christmas season. As of this publishing, there are 180 shopping days until Christmas, and with everything you have on your plate between work, school and other responsibilities, those 180 days will fly by. Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms can make your shopping that much easier by providing fresh Christmas wreaths, garlands, swag, and greens delivered to any home or business in the continental United States. Our handmade decorations not only look beautiful, but they add that fresh evergreen scent that accents the holiday ambience. In today’s post, we will discuss how our handmade Christmas décor can put a smile on the face of even the hardest person to shop for on your list.

Fresh Christmas Wreaths from Popular Tree Species

If you go to a big box store to find a wreath, you will get a choice between two or three styles, more than likely made from molded plastic. While these cheap, plastic wreaths are okay, they are certainly no replacement for the real thing. We make beautiful, unique Christmas wreaths with fresh branches cut from the live Christmas trees on our property. This means that when your Christmas wreath arrives at its destination, it will have that same fresh smell that you get from standing next to the actual trees in the forest. This means wreaths and garlands of the highest possible quality, delivered via UPS to any home or business located in the continental United States.

Complement Your Home’s Décor and Style

Another limitation of commercially-made plastic wreaths is the number of style options available. Unlike stores where you may have two or three options to choose from, Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms offers a much larger selection of trees made from several different tree species with several different accent decorations. This means that no matter what style or color scheme your Christmas décor features, you will be able to find the perfect swag, garland, or wreath to complement that décor. Whether you want garland to decorate your stairway banister or fireplace mantle, or you want that iconic wreath with red berries and ribbon for your front door, we can ship beautiful handmade decor right to your front door. Contact us for more information about the fresh Christmas décor you can get from Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms.

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